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“Ramp-N-Clamp is a great product. I was a little skeptical as I have been through many boat buddies over the last 10 years on 3 different boats. After the third was smashed I just installed the roller that comes on the new boats. But I always loved not having to get out of the truck or boat when loading. Now with the RNC loading is as easy as it can get. I gotta say this this is awesome. Just the fact that it is made with a material that actually lets the boat slide up is a huge difference, not to mention that clamping feature is WAY better than that stupid pin the boat buddy had. I've been using the RNC for about a month now and it has worked perfect every time...even when my wife has slammed it pretty hard. I just wanted to give my 2 cents as I think this product is great. Happy customer

“I was order 195. Took me 5 minutes to put it on and have to say one of the best products I have bought in a long time. Never had a boat buddy, but this is flawless. Every time I hear that "click" I smile. Well done Joe. I hope this product gains you a lot of success.

“I used the RnC again this weekend.. it worked great. I love this thing.

“Testimony. The RNC has been awesome since the install weeks ago. Last weekend at the ramp when I was loading the boat on the trailer, heard the "click" told my wife to pull me out. When the trailer was coming out of the water I heard a kid tell her dad "we need a trailer like that" haha. They were at the ramp when we motored in and still putting their boat on the trailer while I was wiping the boat down. Awesome product!

“I have to share some great customer service I just got from Joe at Ramp-n-Clamp... I got the notice saying that my order shipped in early June, but I hadn't received anything by June 24th. I emailed Ramp-n-Clamp to ask if they could track the order from their end because the trail just sort of disappeared once it went into Canada... Joe had to spend a few hours on the phone with them to figure out what happened. Turns out, it was on a mail truck from Chicago to Canada that caught fire, and all mail was destroyed!
Joe sent out a new unit already at no cost to me, hopefully this one will have better luck!

“Have used mine for a week now. It is so much better than the old model. I also had 2 buddies buy and they love theirs also. Great product and great service Joe.

“Put mine on in two minutes after wife dropped boat in water, slapped it on and tightened it down, and surfed all day! We didn't get back to ramp till 11 at night, glad it worked ! What a great piece product.”