Q. How do I know which bow eye my boat has?

A. The smaller 3/8” bow eye measures 1-5/8” across and the larger ½” bow eye measures 2-1/8” across.

Q. How do I change the bow eye on my boat to the extended bow eye?

A. Most boats have an access panel above the bow eye mounting area. You simply take the two nuts off and pull the bow eye out from the bottom of the boat. Install the extended bow eye using some sealant in the holes.

Q. How do I Know what model to buy?

A. If your trailer is a MasterCraft or has rectangular bar uprights with at least 6 inches clearance for the latch handle you can buy models 500M or 501SH.

If your trailer is a BOATMATE, PHOENIX, EXTREME, MFI, EZ LOADER, AND MANY MORE or has uprights that are not a rectangle shape you can buy model 503SH. This is our most universal model. It will fit all trailers with a 3-4 inch bow roller.

If your trailer is a Shoarland’r you must buy model 503SH.

Q. How easy is it to release the boat?

A. If your boat is light (2500LBS) and on a low angle ramp it is very easy. If your boat is heavy (5500LBS) and on a steep ramp it is more difficult. You can put the boat in forward gear or tighten the winch strap to make lifting the handle easier.