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Installation Instructions

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Boat must be off trailer or moved toward back of trailer 12 inches. The boat must be equipped with an extended bow eye.

1-2. Remove old roller.

3-4. Slide new mounting bolt through Ramp-N-Clamp mounting holes and spacers

5. Use 1-2 spacers on outer surface of 3” winch stand uprights. Use 1-2 spacers in inside surface on 4” winch stand uprights.

6. Tighten mounting bolt so that the Ramp-N-Clamp is held firmly but can still rotate when contacted by the boat. Do not over tighten to the point the mounting bracket is bent in, 25 ft lbs. is recommended. Do not leave mounting bolt loose.

Operating Instructions

  • 1. Lift Ramp-N-Clamp handle to the up position to release boat.
  • 2. Set Ramp-N-Clamp handle to the down position to catch boat.
  • 3. Do not lift Ramp-N-Clamp handle until you are ready to release boat from the trailer.


For easier release on the ramp, put boat in forward gear or keep winch strap tight while lifting Ramp-N-Clamp handle.

Coating the Ramp-N-Clamp cover with Super Lube, Silicone spray or Liquid Rollers is considered proper maintenance and will also assist loading and unloading the boat.

If boat rocks back and forth on trailer while towing raise the winch post uprights or add tie down straps to trailer to prevent rocking. An ill-fitting trailer will cause wear that is not covered under the warranty.

Winch strap must be used and JUST FIRM while towing. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN This prevents wear to bow eye that is not covered under warranty. Maximum boat weight 6500 lbs.

Limited Warranty

Ramp-N-Clamp LLC warrants the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for three years from purchase of the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. This warranty does not apply to a commercial buyer who uses the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch for purposes and uses beyond personal recreational use. This warranty does not cover damage, loss or failure which results in whole or in part from improper installation, misuse, neglect, failure to properly maintain, or other damage caused by inappropriate handling or use of, the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch in the sole and exclusive discretion of Ramp-N-Clamp LLC. This warranty does not cover, and no claim shall be made hereunder for, consequential damages, secondary charges, incidental damages, labor, installation costs or expenses, or losses or liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage proximately resulting from defects in the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ARE EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED, EXCEPTING ONLY THE EXPRESSED WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. Breach or failure under the foregoing warranty shall not be grounds to rescind any agreement under which the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch has been purchased or to claim setoff or other remedies against Ramp-N-Clamp LLC or any other party as a result of such breach or defect. In order to make a claim under this warranty, the owner of the trailer and the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch must provide written notice of specific defects to Ramp-N-Clamp LLC, promptly, and in no event more than thirty (30) days, after discovery of such defect. The owner may return a defective Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch only upon receipt of written return authorization from Ramp-N-Clamp LLC.